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The United States Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration's Office of Material Management and Minimization (M3) will host the RERTR-2022 International Meeting in Vienna, Austria at the International Atomic Energy Agency on October 2-5, 2022. Planning is currently underway to also provide virtual on-line participation.

We are excited to celebrate this 42nd instance of the RERTR International Meeting as we look toward our future shared successes in high enriched uranium (HEU) minimization and further proliferation resistance.

The purpose of the RERTR-2022 meeting is to exchange information on the progress of national and international programs to develop low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuels, conversion analysis studies and licensing to convert research and test reactors to the use of such fuels. M3 is also soliciting discussion on broader proliferation resistance topics to develop the Proliferation Resistance Optimization (PRO-X) program.

Important Dates


August 19, 2022 Abstract Submittal & Publication Release
September 15, 2022 IAEA Travel Grant Application Deadline
September 23, 2022 Final Presentations/Posters
September 23, 2022 Online Registration
September 30, 2022 Final Papers
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The three days of sessions will focus upon:

  • Proliferation Resistance and Optimization
  • Core Design, Safety, and Utilization Analysis
  • LEU Fuel Development, Fabrication, and Qualification

In addition to the traditional topics of current reactor conversion analyses and LEU fuel qualification, the M3 Reactor Conversion Program would like to encourage posters on the following topics:

  • Innovative Related Research: The development of technological solutions for increasingly complex conversions to LEU requires creativity and collaboration. To this end, participants are encouraged to submit papers regarding research or development topics related to conversion work that has seldom been highlighted or discussed in the RERTR context. Topics may include, but are not limited to
    • Conversion Lessons Learned with respect to Reactor Systems
    • Status of Qualified LEU Fuel Fabrication and Supply
    • Emerging Trends of Neutron Science and Isotope Production
    • NSUF, ICERR and Other Research Reactor Consortia
    • Benchmarking Data Development and Sharing
  • Changing Landscape for HEU Minimization: The RERTR program develops technology necessary to enable the conversion of civilian facilities from HEU to LEU fuels and targets. Since it began in 1978, the program and the research reactor community have achieved significant success; to date, 108 research reactors and medical isotope facilities worldwide have either converted to LEU or confirmed shutdown. While the mission remains the same, the environment and context for this work have changed. Participants are also encouraged to submit posters addressing these changes, including but not limited to:
    • Retrospective and Future Views of Research Reactor Programs
    • Technology Advancements (such as beam lines, neutron guides, instruments...)
    • Opportunities and New Challenges facing the reactor community (such as upgrades, cold sources, experimental loops and devices vs. plant aging and workforce challenges)
    • Connections between Advanced Power Reactor Community and Research Reactors

Technical and policy experts interested in attending the meeting must register prior to September 23, 2022. Participants having interest in any of the LEU conversion topics listed above are encouraged to present at the meeting. Please indicate your intention to submit a paper by completing the Abstract Submittal and Publication Release forms found here and submitting them no later than August 19, 2022. Other information to facilitate attendance and participation in the meeting is available by navigating this website.

We intend to host this event in person as a hybrid event. However, our plans are contingent on the federal and local COVID-19 controls and guidance in place on the date of the event. If the event is unable to take place in person, programming will shift to a fully virtual format.


For further information and questions please contact the Organizing Committee.

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2022 RERTR Meeting

The 2022 RERTR International Meeting (RERTR-2022) will be held in Vienna, Austria, from October 2-5, 2022.

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