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Instructions for Typists

Paper Formatting Instructions

Here follows a set of instructions for typists. For those using Microsoft Word, we provide two MS Word .doc files which can be used as a template.

MS Word iconMS Word templates available:

Abstract Template
(Deadline for Abstracts: Sep. 1, 2010)
[Abstract Template (MS Word document MS Word, 31KB), 1 page]
Paper Template
(Deadline for Papers: Oct. 14, 2010)
[Paper Template (MS Word document MS Word, 35KB), 2 pages]

Font Type:
Please use Helvetica or Times Roman Typeface


12 Pt, in the format

A.B. Author and C.D. Author (12 Pt)
Organization, Street, Postal Code City – Country


E.F. Author (12 Pt)
Other Department
Other Organization, Street, Postal Code City – Country


Paper Structure:
Your paper must be in English. It should start with a short abstract of 150 words describing the key elements of your contribution and its conclusions. This paragraph should be typeset in block mode, 10 pt, with left and right indents of .5 in.

1. Introduction (12 Pt, bold)

Your paper should then continue on the same page with an introduction. For these main sections the size is 12 pt, single line spacing with a spacing of 0 pt before and after the paragraph mark, and the lines are justified in block mode. Please use 1 in. top, bottom, left, and right on 8˝×11 paper; for authors using A4 paper, please use standard margins.

Additional sections should follow on the experimental set-up, results, their discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements and references.

2. Page numbering

Please do not number the pages of your paper.

3. Tables and figures

Tables, black and white or color figures should be inserted into the text at the appropriate place in publication quality. They should be centered and figures should be identified with a caption.

Note: All photographs and figures that are not in electronic format should be scanned into your paper at 300 dpi in BMP or JPEG format. If you are unable to scan such photographs and figures, please provide original images along with the text and tables of your paper to the registration desk at the meeting.

4. References

Please number your references and cite them in brackets [1]. The list of references should be at the very end of your paper under the section heading “References”.

[1] A. Olson, S.A. Jonah, “MNSR Transient Analysis and Thermal-Hydraulic Safety Margins for HEU and LEU Cores Using PARET,” Proceedings of the XXIX International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors, Prague, Czech Republic, September 23-27, 2007.

5. Length

The maximum length of your paper is 10 pages, including the title page and all tables and figures.

6. Format

Please submit your paper in Microsoft Word format by e-mail by October 14, 2010.

The abstract should be e-mailed to Mrs. Linda Legerski:

Download Paper Formatting Instructions in PDF format
Paper Formatting Instructions (page in pdf format PDF 35KB)

Download Templates (Abstract, Paper) in MS Word format
Abstract Template (MS Word document MS Word, 31KB), 1 page - check for Abstract Submittal Deadline

Paper Template (MS Word document MS Word, 35KB), 2 pages]
- check for Final Paper Submittal Deadline


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