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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
2002 International RERTR Meeting


Gabriel Ruggirello, Hector Calabroni, Miguel Sanchez

Comisión Nacional Energa Atómica.

Gerard  Hofman

Argonne National Laboratory


As a part of CNEA´s qualification program as a supplier of low enriched Al-U3Si2 dispersion fuel elements for research reactors, a post irradiation examination (PIE) of the first prototype of this kind, called P-04, manufactured and irradiated in Argentina, was carried out. The main purpose of this work was to set up various standard PIE techniques in the hot cell, looking forward to the next steps of the qualification program, as well as to acquire experience on the behaviour of this nuclear material and on the control of the manufacturing process. After an appropriate cooling period, on May 2000 the P-04 was transported to the hot cell in Ezeiza Atomic Centre. Non destructive and destructive tests were performed  following the PIE procedures developed in Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), this mainly included dimensional measurement, microstructural observations and chemical burn-up analyses. The methodology and results of which are outlined in this report. The results obtained show a behaviour consistent with that of other fuel elements of the same kind, tested previously.

On the other hand the results of this PIE, specially those concerning burn-up analysis and stability and corrosion behaviour of the fuel plates, will be of use for the IAEA Regional Program on the characterization of MTR spent fuel.

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Mr. Gabriel Ruggirello

Head, Post-Irradiation Division Avda. del Libertador 8250
C1429BNO Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: (54 11) 6772 7553
Fax: (54 11) 6772 7434
E-mail: [email protected]

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