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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
2000 International RERTR Meeting


By: B.G. Susanto

PT Batan Teknologi (Persero), Jakarta Indonesia.


PLANT SAFETY REVIEW FROM MASS CRITICALITY ACCIDENT. The review has been done to understand the resent status of the plant in facing postulated mass criticality accident. From the design concept of the plant all the components in the system including functional groups have been designed based on favorable mass/geometry safety principle. The criticality safety for each component is guaranteed because all the dimensions relevant to criticality of the components are smaller than dimensions of “favorable mass/geometry”. The procedures covering all aspects affecting quality including the safety related are developed and adhered to at all times. Staff are indoctrinated periodically in short training session to warn the important of the safety in process of production. The plant is fully equipped with 6 (six) criticality detectors in strategic places to alert employees whenever the postulated mass criticality accident occur. In the event of Nuclear Emergency Preparatness, PT BATAN TEKNOLOGI has also proposed the organization structure how promptly to report the crisis to Nuclear Energy Control Board (BAPETEN) Indonesia.

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Mr. Bambang Galung Susanto
PT Batan Teknologi (Persero), Indonesia
Building 60
Kawasan Puspiptek, Serpong
Tangerang (15314) West-Jave, Indonesia

Phone: 62-21-756-6646
Fax:  62-21-756-6646

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