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International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors
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RERTR-2012 International Meeting

October 14-17, 2012, Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland

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Available Papers

The available papers that were presented at the “34th RERTR 2012 International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors” are provided below.

RERTR-2012 Technical Program

Download the RERTR-2012 Techical Program by clicking on the image above.

Global HEU Minimization Efforts

  • IAEA Welcome to RERTR-2012
    J.C. Lentijo
  • Nuclear Security Summit Perspectives
    M. Krupa
  • NNSA's Role in HEU Minimization
    A. Bieniawski
  • U.S. and Russian Cooperation on Converting Research Reactors in Russia
    J. Chamberlin
  • Russian Federation Perspective and Progress in HEU Minimization
    N. Arkhangelskiy

Recent International HEU Minimization Efforts, Progress in Nuclear Security

HEU Minimization, Fuel Disposition, Uranium Supply and Export

Russian-Designed Reactor Conversion

Perspectives on Fuel Development and Performance Issues

  • S4-P1 U-Mo Fuel Development at AECL Chalk River Labs
    N. Wang, S. Hibbins, D. Sears
  • S4-P2 U.S. Progress in the Development of Very High Density Low Enrichment Research Reactor Fuels
    M. Meyer, I. Glagolenko, D. Keiser, P. Medvedev, F. Rice, B. Rabin, A. Robinson, D. Wachs, N. Woolstenhulme, G. Hofman, Y.S. Kim
  • S4-P3 Analysis of Fuel Failures in Experimental Fuel U-Mo Dispersion Fuel Plates
    G. Hofman, Y.S. Kim
  • S4-P4 Multi-Physics Simulation of the E-FUTURE-1 Fuel Irradiation Experiment
    A.M. Tentner, A. Bergeron, Y.S. Kim, G.L. Hofman, J.G. Stevens, S. V. Berghe, V. Kuzminov 
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016 | [1.2MB]
  • S4-P5 Blister Threshold Based Thermal Limits for the UMo Monolithic Fuel System
    D. Wachs, F. Rice, I. Glagalenko, A. Robinson, B. Rabin, M. Meyer

U.S. High-Performance Reactor Conversion

Fuel Development - Fabrication Technology

Conversion Analysis and Methods Part 1

HEU Minimization Poster Session

Conversion Analysis and Methods Part 2

Conversion Analysis and Methods Part 3

Fuel Development - Irradiation Testing, PIE and Analysis

Safety Analysis


Please address inquiries about the RERTR-2012 technical program to the Meeting organizer, John Holland.

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RERTR-2012 News:

Feb. 4, 2013Another set of papers available: A second set of 7 papers from the RERTR-2012 International Meeting in Warsaw is now available for downloading… Download Papers

Jan. 16, 2013First set of papers available: A first set of 47 papers from the RERTR-2012 International Meeting in Warsaw is now available for downloading… Download Papers

Oct. 4, 2012Technical Program: The final technical program of RERTR-2012 is now available… Download Technical Program

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