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The “33rd RERTR 2011 International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors” was held in Santiago, Chile from October 23-27, 2011. The available abstracts and papers that were presented at this meeting are provided below.

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Welcome to Chile and RERTR-2011

  • Chilean Departmental Minister

Global HEU Minimization Efforts

Overview of International Conversion Programs

Recent International HEU Minimization Efforts and Milestones

International Perspectives on Fuel Development

  • S3-P1 Start of Low-Enriched Fuel Lead Test Assemblies in the WWR-K Reactor Core
    F. Arinkin, P. Chakrov, L. Chekushina, Sh. Gizatulin, S. Koltochnik, D. Nakipov, A. Shaimerdenov, Zh. Zhotabaev, N. Hanan, P. Garner, J. Roglans-Ribas
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [306KB]
  • S3-P2 Main Results of the Development of High Density LEU Fuel for Russian Research Reactors
    A. Vatulin, I. Dobrikova, V. Suprun, A. Izhutov, E. Novoselov, V. Alexandrov, A. Ykovlev, V. Shishin
  • S3-P3 Status and Progress of R&D in High Density Nuclear Fuel at the CCHEN
    L. Olivares, J. Marin, M. Barrera, C. Gutierrez, J. Lisboa, J. Espinoza
  • S3-P4 US Progress in LEU Fuel Development
    M. Meyer
  • S3-P5 Overview of the GTRI Fuel Fabrication Capability
    D. Burkes, H. Longmire, D. Dombrowski, L. Cole

Conversion Experience and Planning

Fuel Development - PIE Results

  • S5-P1 IRIS4 Experiment: PIE on Oxidized U-Mo Dispersion Fuel
    C. Valot, I. Aubrun, J. Lamontagne, T. Blay, L. Brunaud, P. Delion, N. Monchalin, M. Ripert, F. Charollais, M. C. Anselmet, P. Lemoine
  • S5-P2 Selenium Fuel - Heavy Ion Irradiation of UMo/Al Samples With Protective Si and ZrN Layers
    R. Jungwirth, T. Zweifel, H. Y. Chiang, W. Petry, S. Van den Berghe, A. Leenaers
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [1.7MB]
  • S5-P3 KOMO Test PIE Results
    J. Park, H. Ryu, J. Yang, Y. Lee, B. Yoo, Y. Jung, H. Kim, C. Kim, Y. Kim, G. Hofman
  • S5-P4 Recent Results of Microstructural Characterization of Irradiated RERTR Fuels Using SEM
    D. Keiser, Jr., J. Jue, B. Miller, J. Gan, A. Robinson, P. Medvedev
  • S5-P5 Recent Development in TEM Characterization of Irradiated RERTR Fuel
    J. Gan, B. Miller, D. Keiser, A. Robinson, J. Madden, P. Medvedev, D. Wachs
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [515KB]

Fuel Development - Fabrication Technology I

  • S6-P1 Status of RERTR LEU-Mo Monolithic
    Fuel Fabrication Development G. Moore, N. Woolstenhulme, B. Mackowiak, M. Marshall, P. Wolf, B. Park,
    S. Steffler, M. Chapple, J. Green
  • S6-P2 Progress on Development of U Foil Fabrication Technology in KAERI
    C. K. Kim, K. H. Kim, Y .M. Woo, M. S. Sim
  • S6-P3 Overview of LANL Progress Development, Advanced Characterization
    Method Development, Prototype Fabrication and Alternative Process Development
    D. Dombrowski
  • S6-P4 Update on Uranium-Molybdenum Foil Fabrication Activities at the Y-12 National Security Complex
    L. Jollay, H. A. Longmire, A. DeMint, J. Gooch
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [244KB]

Nonproliferation and International Security

  • S7-P1 Beyond Platitudes: Promoting HEU Minimization at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit
    M. Pomper
  • S7-P2 IAEA/INFCIRC/225/Revision 5: New and Strengthened Guidance for the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities
    M. Krupa
  • S7-P3 Equivalent Fission Mo-99 Target Without Highly Enriched Uranium
    L. Jollay, J. Creasy, C. Allen, G. Solbrekken
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [424KB]
  • S7-P4 DOE/NNSA's Office of Nuclear Safeguards and Security: Strengthening Nuclear Security Globally
    M. Krupa
  • S7-P5 Planning for New Research Reactors without HEU: IAEA Activities and Research Reactor Project Milestones
    K. Alldred, P. Adelfang

High-Performance Reactor Conversion

  • S8-P1 Fuel Management and Safety Analysis for LEU Conversion of the MIT Nuclear Reactor
    T. Newton, Jr., L. W. Hu, B. Forget, N. Horelik, H. Connoway, T. Gerrity, K. Plumer, E. Wilson, J. Stevens
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [110KB]
  • S8-P2 The University of Missouri Research Reactor HEU to LEU Conversion Project Status
    L. Foyto, K. Kutikkad, J. C. McKibben, N. Peters, G. Solbrekken, J. Kennedy, E. Feldman, J. Stevens, J. Stillman, C. Tzanos
  • S8-P3 Path Forward to LEU Conversion at the NIST Center for Neutron Research
    S. O’Kelly, R. Williams, J. Rowe
  • S8-P4 ATR LEU Conversion Analysis Progress
    S. Morrell, R. West
  • S8-P5 Continuing LEU Conversion Activities at the High Flux Isotope Reactor
    D. Renfro, D. Cook, J. Freels, G. Ilas, D. Pinkston, J. Sease, K. Smith

Minimization, Transportation and Fuel Disposition

Conversion Analysis and Methods Part I

  • S10-P1 Study of Feasibility of HEU to LEU Conversion for IGR Reactor
    Y. Aleynikov, V. Gaidaichuk, D. Ganovichev, P. Garner, N. Hanan, V. Ignashev, Y. Vassiliev, A.Vurim, A. Kolodeshnikov, E. Kozlovski, A. Kurpesheva, I. Prozorova, V. Zuev
  • S10-P2 Current Status of Conversion of Ghana Research Reactor Core to Low Enriched Uranium Core
    H. Odoi, E. Akaho, B. Nyarko, R. Abrefah, E. Ampomah-Amoako, R. Sogbadji, S. Birikorang, J. Gbadago, J. Matos, J. Liaw, J. Morman, M. Kalimullah, S. C. Mo
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [203KB]
  • S10-P3 The Design of Additional Safety Rods for NIRR-1 HEU and Proposed LEU Cores Using MCNP Code
    Y. Ibrahim, S. Jonah
  • S10-P4 Evaluation of Thermal Hydraulic Limits Based on Statistical Propagation of Parametric Uncertainties
    K. Chiang, L. Hu, B. Forget

Fuel Development - Fabrication Technology II

  • S11-P1 Quantitative Crystallographic Analysis of As-Fabricated Full Size IRIS-E-Future Nuclear Plates
    H. Palancher, A. Bonnin, T. Zweifel , F. Charollais, M. Anselmet,  P. Lemoine, V. Honkimäki, T. Buslaps, W. Petry, R. Jungwirth, M. Grasse, B. Stepnik
  • S11-P2 Fabrication and Characterization of the Uranium Nitride Layer Coated U-Mo Spherical Particles
    J. Yang, W. Cho, Y. Jeong, J. M. Park, C. K. Kim
  • S11-P3 Summary of Temperature Influence in the Fabrication of Monolithic UMo-Zr Alloy Cladding Miniplates
    M. López, A. Gonzalez, H. Taboada
  • S11-P4 GTRI Progress in Developing Pyrochemical Processes for Recovery of Fabrication Scrap and Reprocessing of Monolithic U-Mo Fuel
    J. Figueroa, M. Williamson, M. Van Kleeck, R. Blaskovitz, J. Willit, G. Vandegrift
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 238K B]

HEU Minimization Poster Session

  • S12-P1 Corrosion Surveillance of LEU Uranium Silicide Spent Fuel Made in Chile During Their Wet Storage in the Pool of RECH-1 Research Test Reactor
    C. Lamas, H. Torres, C. Henríquez
  • S12-P2 Interfacial Strength of Al/Al and AL/Zr/DU-10wt%Mo Subject to Different Loading Modes
    C. Liu, M. Lovato, W. Blumenthal
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 760K B]
  • S12-P3 Cladding Tightness Control of IRT-4M Fuel Assemblies
    S. Baytelesov, F. Kungurov, U. Salikhbaev
  • S12-P4 Thermal-Hydraulic Effects of Cladding-Meat Contact Faults
    H. Breitkreutz, W. Petry
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 2.6M B]
  • S12-P5 Measurements of Elastic Modulus of Hot-extruded U-Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel
    N. Wang, B. W. Leitch, L. Fu, A. Davidson
  • S12-P6 Design and Testing of Prototypic Elements Containing Monolithic Fuel
    N. Woolstenhulme, D. Wachs, M. Meyer
  • S12-P7 Scale-Up of the HIP Bonding Process for Aluminum Clad-LEU Fuel
    J. Katz, K. Clarke, B. Mihaila, J. Crapps, B. Aikin, V. Vargas, R. Weinberg, A. Duffield
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 841K B]
  • S12-P8 Semi-Homogeneous Reactor for Mo-99 Production: Conceptual Design
    E. Pasqualini
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 128K B]
  • S12-P9 Possibility of Production of Molybdenum-99 Using Neutron Activation at the WWR-SM Research
    Reactor with LEU Fuel
    U. Salikhbaev, S. Khujaev, S. Baytelesov, F. Kungurov, A. Boltabaev
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 116K B]
  • S12-P10 First Principles Study of Constitutional Point Defects in ol20 UAl 4
    L. Kniznik, P.Alonso, P. Gargano, G. Rubiolo
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 206K B]
  • S12-P11 Reuse of Ammonium Fluoride Generated in the Uranium Hexafluoride Conversion
    J. Neto, H. Riella, E. de Carvalho, M. Durazza, L. Santos
  • S12-P12 Analysis of Slag Formation During UF4 Magnesiothermic Reduction
    A. Saliba-Silva, B. Aguiar, E. de Carvalho, M. Durazzo
  • S12-P13 Mg as a Matrix for U-Mo Dispersion Fuel
    D. Keiser, Jr., D. Wachs, M. Meyer, A. Robinson
  • S12-P14 Nanomechanical Behavior of U-10Mo/Zr/Al Fuel Assemblies
    N. Mara, J. Crapps, T. Wynn, K. Clarke, P. Dickerson, B. Mihaila, D. Dombrowski
    Posted on: Fri, Aug. 12, 2016  | [ 413K B]
  • S12-P15 Al-Si Matrix: Mixture or Alloy - An Annealing Study
    A. Leenaers, S. Van den Berghe, A. Robinson, C. Detavernier
  • S12-P16 Evaluation of γ-U8Mo Nuclear Fuel Alloys
    F. Oliveira, E. Carvalho, H. Riella
  • S12-P17 ATR LEU Monolithic Foil-Type Fuel with Integral Cladding Burnable Absorber Design - Neutronics Performance Evaluation
    G. S. Chang
  • S12-P18 Fabrication Procedures for Manufacturing High Uranium Concentration Dispersion Fuel Elements
    J. Souza, M. Durazzo

Fuel Development - Irradiation Testing and Analysis

  • S13-P1 Results of the Non-Destructive Analyses of the E-Future U(Mo)-Al(Si) Fuel Plates of the LEONIDAS Program
    S. Van den Berghe, Y. Parthoen, A. Leenaers, E. Koonen, F. Charollais, P. Lemoine, Y. Calzavara, H. Guyon
  • S13-P2 An Integrated Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fuel Mechanics Model for the Analysis of the E-Future Fuel Irradiation Experiment
    A. Tentner, A. Bergeron, Y. S. Kim, G. Hofman, J. Stevens
  • S13-P3 Results of the CERCA LTA Test and PIE in MARIA
    Reactor W. Mieleszczenko
  • S13-P4 Interdiffusion Layer Growth Correlations for U-Mo/Al-Si Dispersion Fuel During Irradiation
    Y. S. Kim, G. Hofman, J. Park, H. Ryu, A. Robinson, D. Wachs
  • S13-P5 Progress on the KOMO-5 Irradiation Test
    H. Ryu, J. Yang, Y. Lee, Y. Jung, C. K. Kim, C. Lee, C. Seo, H. Chae, J. M. Park

Fuel Development - Fuel Performance

  • S14-P1 Fuel Performance Aspects of the Advanced Test Reactor U-Mo Monolithic Demonstration Assembly Safety Basis
    D. Wachs, D. Keiser, A. Robinson, G. Moore, N. Woolstenhulme, C. Clark, F. Rice, M. Lillo, D. Perez, G. Chang, J. Jue, D. Burkes,
    M. Meyer
  • S14-P2 Fission Induced Microstructural Change in U-Mo Alloy Fuel
    G. Hofman, Y. S. Kim
  • S14-P3 Interactions Between UMo/Al Fuel and Diffusion Barriers, Nb and TiN, Under Heavy Ion Irradiation
    H. Y. Chiang, R. Jungwirth, T. Zweifel, W. Schmid, W. Petry, F. Kraus
  • S14-P4 Corrosion-Based Operational Limit for Aluminum Clad Research Reactor Fuel Plates
    P. Medvedev
  • S14-P5 Summary of Post Irradiation Examination Results of the AFIP-6 Failure
    A. Robinson, D. Wachs, F. Rice, D. Perez

Conversion Analysis and Methods Part II

Safety Analysis

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