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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
2004 International RERTR Meeting


C.K. Kim, H.J. Ryu, D.B. Lee, S.J Oh, K.H Kim, J.M Park, Y.S. Choo, D.G. Park, H.T. Chae, C.S. Lee, D.S Sohn
KAERI 150 Duckjin-dong, Yuseong-ku, Daejeon city, Korea


Two U-7wt.%Mo dispersion fuel rods with different fuel particle sizes, two U-7wt.%Mo dispersion fuel rods surface-treated with pre-oxidation and Ni coating, one U-7wt.%Mo dispersion fuel rod with a poison material of Er2O3, a U-9wt.%Mo dispersion fuel rod, and a U3Si dispersion fuel rod were loaded in the KOMO-test (the 2nd irradiation test of U-Mo fuels in HANARO by KAERI). In addition, the monolithic U-Mo ring fuel was loaded to develop higher U-density fuel. The fuel assembly with the above 10 fuel rods was irradiated in HAHARO successfully from January 9, 2003 to January 27, 2004. After cooling them for about 3 months, the PIE has been performed. Most of the fuel particles were interacted with the Al matrix in the central area of the rod-type U-Mo dispersion fuels with a high linear power and a higher burnup than 60 at.%. Some large pores were observed between the particles in the central area of the fuel rods. However the swellings of the fuel meats are not large, at less than 17 %. The fuel of a larger particle-size distribution showed a better stability than the fuel of a smaller particle-size distribution. Any surface treatments were observed to have no improvement on the oxidation layer formation of the cladding surface. U3Si dispersion fuel used as a reference showed a much lesser interaction with the matrix Al when compared with the U-Mo dispersion fuel. In an examination for the tubular monolithic U-Mo fuel abnormal phenomena such as many bubbles and a large swelling happened due to an unexpected contamination of the silicon from the quartz tube used for a mold during melting & casting process.

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