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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
1998 International RERTR Meeting

Analysis of the Effect of Transverse Power Distribution in an Involute Fuel Plate
With and Without Oxide Film Formation

R. S. Smith and N. A. Hanan
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL, USA


The PARET, PLTEMP and RELAP computer codes can account for variations in power and temperature in the axial direction and through the thickness of a fuel plate. However, variations across the width of the plate cannot be accounted for. This is usually justified by the minimal power variations in this direction. However in the case of an annular core, with involute fuel plates which extend from inner to outer walls of the vessel, sizable power variations can exist. This paper presents an analysis for involute fuel in three dimensions using the SINDA thermal analysis code. The results show important differences in temperature when compared to the results of the two dimensional codes. Both steady and transient reactor operation are considered. Also the effect of an oxide buildup at the clad surface which can raise the fuel plate temperature significantly and enhance the differences between two and three dimensional analysis is studied.

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