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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
1995 International RERTR Meeting


G. F. Vandegrift, J. L. Snelgrove, S. Aase, M. M. Bretscher, B. A. Buchholz, D. J. Chaiko, D. B. Chamberlain, L. Chen, C. Conner, D. Dong, G. L. Hofman, J. C. Hutter, G. C. Knighton, J. D. Kwok, R. A. Leonard, J. E. Matos, J. Sedlet, B. Srinivasan, D. E. Walker, T. Wiencek, E. L. Wood, D. G. Wygmans, and A. Travelli
Argonne National Laboratory

S. Landsberger and D. Wu
University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign

A. Suripto, A. Mutalib, H. Nasution, Adang H.G., Hotman L., S. Amini, Dedi S., Martalena R., A. Gogo, B. Purwadi, D. L. Amin, Zahiruddin, A., Sukmana, Kadarisman, Sriyono, D. Hafid, M. Sayad
Badan Tenaga Atom National, Indonesia, PUSPIPTEK


Most of the world’s supply of 99Mo is produced by the fissioning of 235U in high-enriched uranium targets (HEU, generally 93% 235U). To reduce nuclear-proliferation concerns, the U.S. Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactor Program is working to convert the current HEU targets to low-enriched uranium (LEU, <20% 235U). Switching to LEU targets also requires modifying the separation processes. Current HEU processes can be classified into two main groups based on whether the irradiated target is dissolved in acid or base. Our program has been working on both fronts, with development of targets for acid-side processes being the furthest along. However, using an LEU metal foil target may allow the facile replacement of HEU for both acid and basic dissolution processes. Demonstration of the irradiation and 99Mo separation processes for the LEU metal-foil targets is being done in cooperation with researchers at the Indonesian PUSPIPTEK facility. We are also developing LEU UO2/Al dispersion plates as substitutes for HEU UAlx/Al dispersion plates for base-side processes. Results show that conversion to LEU is technically feasible; working with producers is essential to lowering any economic penalty associated with conversion.

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