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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
1998 International RERTR Meeting


A.Vatulin, Y.Stetsky, I.Dobrikova

State Scientific Center
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM), Russia


Square cross-section rod type fuel elements have been developed for Russian pooltype research reactors. New fuel elements can replace the large nomenclature of tubular fuel elements with round, square and hexahedral cross-sections and to solve a problem of enrichment reduction.

The fuel assembly designs with rod type fuel elements have been developed. The overall dimensions of existing assemblies are preserved in this one.

The experimental-industrial fabricating process of fuel elements, based on a joint extrusion method has been developed. The fabricating process has been tested in laboratory conditions. 150 experimental fuel element samples of the various sizes were produced.

PDF version available
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Alexander Vatulin
State Scientific Center "Bochvar Institute" VNIINM
Rogov St. 5
Moscow 123060

Phone: 7-095-190-8166
Fax: 7-095-196-4075
Email: [email protected]

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