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Abstracts and Available Papers Presented at the
1996 International RERTR Meeting


A.M. Hathout and E. Amin

National Centre for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control (NC-NSRC), AEA
Cairo, Egypt


Parameters affecting criticality safety analysis for plate type fuel element have been investigated. Criticality aspects of storing low level fuel (enrichment about 20%), containing 278, 288, 360, 473, and 621 gms 235 U per element are studied.

The sensitivity of the eigenvalue calculations, to the effects of the storage rack compartments, fuel element end fittings, fuel element side plates and reflector thickness, have been evaluated. The material constituents of both the fuel and the moderator are considered.

The storage facility is modeled geometrically for the three-dimensional transport code MULTIKENO-VAX. The array capability of MULTIKENO with mixed box and super box geometry system allowed plate-by-plate modeling of MPR storage facility. The 16-energy groups neutron cross-sections library is used (Hansen-Roach), with the MULTIKENO code VAX version.

Results are presented in tables compared with the available published data.

PDF version NOT available
An electronic copy of the full paper is not available at this time. If you would like to receive a copy of this paper, please contact the author.

Ms. Aisha M. Hathout
National Centre for Nuclear Safety
and Radiation Control (NC-NSRC), AEA
Cairo, Egypt
Fax: +20-2-354082

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