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IAEA/USA Interregional course on
Preparations to Ship Spent Nuclear Fuel (1997)

TRIGA Fuel Classification
Spent Nuclear Fuel
Transfer Data

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This information was provided in a working group session and is not available electronically. Please contact Mr. Kraig Wendt at the address listed below to request a copy of this document. The information included is listed below.

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IAEA/USA Interregional Training Course

Technical and Administrative Preparations Required for Shipment of Research Reactor Spent Fuel to its Country of Origin

13-24 January 1997
Argonne, IL

Lecture L.3.2

TRIGA Fuel Classification
Spent Nuclear Fuel
Transfer Data


Presented by

Kraig M. Wendt

Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies of the INEL

  • Appendix A Spent Nuclear Fuel Transfer Data :
    Contains sample Appendix A data for spent fuel from the University of Illinois TRIGA reactor.
  • Isotopic Analysis (H-3 to Yb-172 and Actinides)
  • Fuel Assembly Specific Data
  • Fuel Element Number
  • BOL Mass of U and U-235
  • Mass of U, U-235, U-236, U-233
  • Inventory Decayed to July 1, 2030
    • Mass of U, U-235, U-236, U-233
    • Mass of Pu, Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241
  • Time in Reactor (days)
  • Power Level (Kilowatts)
  • Cooling Time (days)
  • Percent U-235 burnup
  • Decay Heat (Watts)
  • Basis Burnup Data per Element
  • A sample NUCLEAR MATERIAL TRANSACTION REPORT of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Curves showing Decay Heat as a Function of Time and Burnup
  • Curves showing TRIGA fuel element 3.0 ft. dose rate at midplane
  • Isotopic Data for Aluminum-clad TRIGA fuel, Stainless-steel clad TRIGA fuel, and FLIP TRIGA fuel
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