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IAEA/USA Interregional course on
Preparations to Ship Spent Nuclear Fuel (1997)

Case Study: Sept. '96 Shipment
from Chile and Colombia to SRS

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IAEA/USA Interregional Training Course

Technical and Administrative Preparations Required for Shipment of Research Reactor Spent Fuel to its Country of Origin

13-24 January 1997
Argonne, IL

Case Study: Sept. '96 Shipment
from Chile and Colombia to SRS

Keith Brown

Science Applications International Corporation

Chronology of Activities Leading Up to the South American SNF Shipment

 ROD Issued

 Assessment Team Visit to Chile, Colombia, and Brazil  6/18-25/96
 Second Assessment Team Visit to Colombia  7/23-24/96
 NAC-LWT Cask Arrives by Aircraft in Chile   8/1/96
 NAC-LWT Cask Arrives via Ship in Colombia  9/4/96
 Fuel Loaded in Chile  8/23/96
 Vessel Departs Chile for Colombia  8/27/96
 Fuel Loaded in Colombia  9/14-15/96
 Colombia Cask Airlifted to Cartagena  9/16/96
 Vessel Departs Colombia for U.S.  9/16/96
 European and South American Vessels Arrive at Charleston, South Carolina  9/22/96
 Casks Off Loaded from Vessels and Placed on Dedicated Train  9/22/96
 Dedicated Train Arrives at Savannah River Site  9/22/96

Challenges Accomplished on the
South American Fuel Shipment
  • Timely Arrival of the Shipping Cask in Santiago, Chile

  • Completion of the Appendix A Data for the Colombian Shipment

  • Variance on the Cask Minimum Cooldown Time Requirement on the Colombian Shipment

  • Method of Handling the Slightly Irradiated Loose Plates on the Colombian Shipment

  • Change to the ROD Concerning the Point at which Title to the Fuel Changes

  • Decision to Airlift the Loaded Cask from Bogata to Cartagena, Colombia

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