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IAEA/USA Interregional course on
Preparations to Ship Spent Nuclear Fuel (1997)


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IAEA/USA Interregional Training Course

Technical and Administrative Preparations Required for Shipment of Research Reactor Spent Fuel to its Country of Origin

13-24 January 1997
Argonne, IL

Lecture L.3.1





Trent C. Andes
Spent Fuel Storage Division
Westinghouse Savannah River Company

Appendix A
  • Contract/Agreement between the Department of Energy (i,e., U.S. Government) and Domestic or Foreign Reactor Facilities to assume ownership of specified materials to be received at the Savannah River Site.

  • Provides detailed description of specified materials.

  • Utilized by Savannah River Operations as the basis for safety analysis documentation (i.e., Criticality, Final Disposition, Facility Standards).

  • Required 180 days prior to tentative shipping date.

Appendix A Form Requires:
  • Customer (or Reactor Operator) contact information

  • Drawing identification

Drawings typically include:

- Overall assembly
- Fuel elements (plates or tubes)
- Compacts
- Side plates
- End fittings
- Spacers/combs
- Dummy plates
- Handles/grips

Important: Six (6) copies of all drawings are required at time of Appendix A submittal.

  • Material description

Important: All dimensions are to be recorded in centimeters.
All weights are to be recorded in grams.

- Nominal fuel "element" description

- Nominal fuel "assembly" description

Nominal Fuel "Element" Description:
  • Fuel element type (plate or tube)

  • Dimensions
    Total element, fuel meat, cladding

  • Weights
    Total element, fuel meat, and constituents (U, 235 U , Matrix), cladding

  • Chemical form of fuel meat
    UAlx-Al, U3O8 -Al, U3Six -Al

  • Method of sealing cladding and fuel meat

Nominal Fuel "Assembly" Description:
  • Total number of elements

  • Dimensions
    Overall assembly, side plates, end boxes or fittings, spacers

  • Weights

    - Overall assembly, total assembly U content,
    total assembly 235U content, side plates,
    end boxes or fittings, spacers

    - Percentage of 235U enrichment

    - Canning description
    Applicable for failed, distorted, or disassembled fuel assemblies


If the assembly has been cropped/cut:

- Drawings should indicate crop lines

- Dimensions and weights should be reflected in the descriptions

- Unique assembly identification numbers should be intact

Sodium bearing assemblies are not
authorized for storage at the SRS.

Appendix A Form Requires (cont.):
  • Fuel identification

    - List of the specific identification numbers for assemblies described in this contract

  • Fuel irradiation specifications

- General history of the specified assemblies in terms of:

      • Time in reactor
      • Power level
      • Burn-up
      • Last date of criticality

- Post-irradiation isotopics for the average fuel assembly

  • Fuel irradiation history for the specific assembly

  • Match specific assembly to its:

- Pre-irradiation U and 235 U content

- Post-irradiation isotopics

- Operating history

- Decay heat

  • Specifications for failed/warped fuel assemblies

    • Notification shall be made to DOE of any fuels with questionable physical integrity. A minimum of 270 days notice in advance of the tentative shipping date is required.

  • Cask and basket identification

- List cask and basket combinations utilized in shipping the specified assemblies.

Savannah River Contacts:

Jay Thomas, WSRC, (803) 557-9526

Trent Andes, WSRC, (803) 557-9483

Peggy Brooks, WSRC, (803) 557-9989

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