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IAEA/USA Interregional course on
Preparations to Ship Spent Nuclear Fuel (1997)



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IAEA/USA Interregional Training Course

Technical and Administrative Preparations Required for Shipment of Research Reactor Spent Fuel to its Country of Origin

13-24 January 1997
Argonne, IL

Lecture L.3.1a




Trent C. Andes
Spent Fuel Storage Division
Westinghouse Savannah River Company


No. _______UNDER CONTRACT NO._________________________

WITH ____________________________________________________

THIS AGREEMENT, entered into this ______ day of ____________, 19____, constitutes an agreement by the U.S. Department of Energy (hereinafter called DOE) to receive under the terms and conditions of Contract No. , the specification material described herein. This agreement provides a detailed description of the material to be delivered to DOE in accordance with this contract and also enumerates the specifications and requirements which the Customer must meet. Failure of the material delivered hereunder to comply with the specifications and requirements given in this agreement will result in the material being non-specification material. A separate Appendix A Agreement will be required for each element or assembly which is different in Description. All dimensions must be given in centimeters and all weights in grams.

A. Correspondence

1. Customer Contact
Laboratory/ Research Center/University Savannah River Site
Reactor Name  
City, State, Country  
Customer Name  
Customer Signature  
Phone Number  
Fax Number  

2. Department of Energy Contact

All correspondence / inquiries regarding this document and the information contained herein shall be directed to:

U.S. Department of Energy
Savannah River Operations Office
Spent Fuel Storage Division
P.O. Box A
Aiken, SC 29801

Phone and facsimile inquiries may be made to:

Phone: (803)-557-3759
Fax: (803)-557-3763

B. Definitions

The following definitions are applied to the Specification Material described in this Agreement:

Fuel Element -The smallest integral unit of clad fuel containing source or special nuclear material (e.g., plate, tube, rod, disc, etc.).

Assembly - A group of elements combined in a structural unit. The assembly is usually that fuel structure which is removed from the reactor as an individual unit.

C. Form and Composition of Specification Material

1. Drawing Identification

The following design or fuel fabrication drawing(s), six (6) copies of which are attached and which are incorporated herein by reference thereto, constitute(s) a comprehensive and accurate illustration of the fuel elements and assemblies to be delivered under this Contract.

Drawing No. / Rev. No. / English Title

Note: If fuel is cropped (cut), drawings should indicate the location of the cut(s).

2. Material Description

The following tables summarize the description of fuel elements and assemblies to be delivered under this contract. Where dimensions are required, the nominal dimensions from the fuel element and assembly drawings must be used. If changes in dimensions have occurred due to cropping or other modification, the best estimate of the maximum change in these dimensions must be given. Weights must be dry, unirradiated weights . Where isotopic weights of SNM are required, tolerances shall be specified.

(a) Fuel 'Element' Description  (If more than one type of element per assembly, divide the space to describe each type of element or duplicate this page as necessary.)

Fuel element type (curved or flat plate, tube, rod, disc, etc.)  
Nominal dimensions (include clad & bond, cm)a  
Nominal dimensions of fuel meat (cm)a, b  
Nominal total weight of fuel element (g)  
Chemical form of fuel meat (e.g. UAlx-alloy, U3O8-Al, U3Si2-Al, etc.)  
Nominal total weight of fuel meat (g)  
Weight of total U (g ± g uncertainty)  
Weight of U-235 (g ± g uncertainty)  
Matrix material, weight (g)  
Cladding material & method of sealing  
Clad thickness (cm), total clad weight (g)  
Bonding material, if any (Na, Al-Si, etc.)  
Bond thickness (cm), weight (g)  
Other materials contained in the fuel element: (include dimensions and weights)  

(a) For curved plate type element, state dimensions for flat form.
(b) As formed in element.

(b) Fuel 'Assembly' Description
Total number of elements  
Over-all dimensions (cm)a  
Over-all weight (g)  
Total weight of U (g ± g uncertainty)  
Total weight of U-235 (g ± g uncertainty)  
Enrichment (%)  
Canning material (Al, SST)b  
Canning dimensions (cm), weight (g)  
Method of can sealing (screw, weld, etc)  
Side plate material  
Side plate - quantity, dimensions (cm), weight per plate (g)  
Side plate - outer slot depth & width (cm)  
Side plate - inner slot depth & width (cm)  
Spacer material  
Spacer - quantity, dimensions (cm), weight per spacer (g)  
End box material  
End box - quantity, dimensions (cm), weight per box (g)  
Braze or weld material  
Braze or weld dimensions (cm), weight (g)  
Other structural material in assembly (e.g. dummy plates, thermocouples, etc., include quantity, dimensions, material, & weight (g))  

(a) Has the assembly been cropped? Yes No (Circle One) If yes, indicate dimensions & weights in terms of the cropped assembly.
(b) When fuel assemblies have casings, describe using these entries.

Do the fuel elements contain Sodium (Na)? Yes No (Circle One)

D. Fuel Identification

Each separately removable unit in a shipment batch must be identified by a durable tag or by embossing. Identification of the Units to be delivered under this Appendix A Agreement are as follows (NOTE: Customer shall list actual assembly identification numbers):






E. Fuel Irradiation Specifications

1. Fuel Irradiation History - General Summary








2. Post-Irradiation Specifications

The average and maximum SNM content post-irradiation is to be specified in grams per assembly. The best available value should be given and the uncertainty stated. The irradiation history for each assembly is to be provided according to Section F.

SNM Material

Average (g)

Maximum (g)

(± g or ± %)

Total U      
Total Pu      
Total Np      
Total Th      

F. Fuel Irradiation History - Assembly Specific Data

The irradiation history for each assembly is to be provided according to the format specified below. Additional tables may attached (if necessary).

Assembly Pre-Irradiation


Unique ID No. U grams U-235 grams U grams U-235 grams U-236 grams Np-237 grams Pu grams Pu-239 grams Pu-241 grams Time In Reactor (days) Cooling Time (days) Power Level mwd/assy

Burnup %

Decay Heat (Watts) as of:

G. Specifications for Failed/Warped Fuel Units

Fuel elements or assemblies distorted beyond specified dimensional limits must be considered on an individual basis. The Customer should provide DOE with complete dimensional information for each failed/warped unit at least 270 days before delivery.

If material normally removed from the element or assembly by the Customer cannot be removed due to fuel failure, warpage, or other reasons, the Customer must notify DOE at least 270 days before delivery giving complete dimensional, material, and weight information. Detailed structural drawings are also required by DOE.

H. Cask and Basket Identification

The fuel being received under this Appendix A contract must be identified with a specific cask and basket type.

Cask Basket Number of Assemblies/Cask

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